Business development at expansive insurance company


A Swedish specialist insurance company with an ambitious growth agenda has reached a high market share on a mature Swedish home market. Therefore the insurance company has to expand its market presence internationally as well as find additional revenue streams on existing markets in the Nordics and the rest of Europe. Avanti was first engaged to support the international expansion but has over time been given an expanded scope to help the insurance company develop other parts of their business.


The Avanti team has been engaged in several different initiatives to support the insurance company’s growth plan;
  • Management of the market entry project in Germany, from setting up capabilities such sales, marketing, IT, legal, product, partnerships, etc., to the recruitment of organization, the establishment of office, and launch
  • Define CRM strategy to develop, monetize and expand the customer base as well as building capabilities for an improved customer experience
  • M&A of a full-digital actor on the veterinary market to enabling a new strategic position on the insurance market and additional revenue streams 


  1. Enabling additional revenue streams and expanding international footprint to the European market with no one potential
  2. Enabling a more customer-centric approach to customer management as well as increased sales potential and higher efficiency 
  3. Taking a giant leap in digitalization as well as adding a new revenue stream with untapped potential and increasing customer experience and loyalty
Strategy & Business Design
 Digital Enablement
Operational Design & Implementation

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