Analysis of the technical services market


The client is a leading northern European provider of technical services for power and communication networks. They had a challenge with revenue growth due to a saturation in several market segments (e.g., FTTH installation) and uncertainty of up-take in others (e.g., 5G). The company, therefore, wanted to do an external verification of the technical services market as an input to the market strategy and planning process. The main purpose was to identify the company’s addressable market in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Additionally, they wanted to identify potential growth opportunities and define future target segments.


  • Identify core, growth areas and set limitations to future business/market segments
  • Formulate hypothesis of market development and drivers based on key industry and market trends
  • Perform top-down analysis to
    • Quantify market size
    • Identify key markets to address
  • Perform bottom-up analysis to quantify the detailed market size
  • Triangulate findings and develop final market size assessment including key findings
  • Identify key next steps and high-level road-map


  1. Improved understanding of the market size and client needs primarily within FTTH installation and mobile networks
  2. Identification of new growth opportunities related to IoT, renewable energy and e-mobility
  3. Identification of key activities to address in the market strategy and planning process
Strategy & Business Design

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