Branded motor insurance


The client, a Swedish insurance company, had decided to develop a whole range of new motor insurance products as part of a strategic partnership with a global auto manufacturer. Due to lengthy negotiations with the auto manufacturer, the deal was signed only 10 months before the insurances should be available in the market. Given the size and complexity of the scope, such a development project would normally last for 18 – 24 months. Hence, the client had an urgent need to plan, structure and drive a large development project in about half the amount of time.


  • Avanti was brought in to lead the IT development project. We structured the project based on the SAFe framework, and made adaptions to fit the client’s organization, processes and culture. In 10 months, the 80 persons in the IT-project managed to deliver a massive scope.
    Key success factors were:
  • Agile teams
  • Clear guiding principles
  • Frequent releases


  1. 8 new insurance products were developed and launched 
  2. 2 new web-portals and a mobile app were developed and launched
  3. Piloted agile way of working based on SAFe 
Strategy Business Development
Strategy & Business Development
Operational Design And Change
Operational Design & Change

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