Development of IT Service Integration


A Swedish financial services company had an outsourced IT model. The company also outsourced the multi-sourcing integration (MSI) function. The client relied on that specific service provider for IT Service Integration, i.e., steering and governing of the IT ecosystem. Over time it became apparent that the set-up did not meet expectations, both from a financial and IT quality perspective. Avanti was brought in to overhaul the whole IT Service Integration area to increase end-user satisfaction through improved stability and availability.


The Avanti team led a program that addressed the different parts of the IT Service Integration area. An analysis of the current state revealed that four areas were of extra importance;

  • Improve core processes: Incident mgmt., Problem mgmt., Change mgmt.
  • Communication: Right information at the right time, to the right person
  • Contracts and SLAs: KPI:s and SLA:s needed to be aligned and defined to drive the proper behavior
  • Operating model and Governance: The different parties roles and interfaces required to be defined and governance implemented

The program was organized in several workstreams focusing on the other improvement areas. All workstreams had an agile way of working.



  1. Better control and steering of the IT landscape
  2. End-user satisfaction increased from 10 % to 50 % during the program
  3. Average Resolution Time was reduced by 30 % on prioritized categories during the project
  4. Proactively created problem cases risen from zero to several per week, logically leading to fewer incidents in the end
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Josefine Jacobsson