HR post-merger integration and digitalization


A telecom operator had recently acquired a broadband and media provider to broaden its offering and portfolio. Both companies were to be fully integrated, and the telecom operator needed help to plan the integration of the two HR departments in Sweden. The acquiring company had ~3000 employees in Sweden, and the target company had ~1500 employees in Sweden. Additionally, the client had a fragmented HR system and process landscape. The client needed help to implement a new HR system, impacting the HR organization, HR processes, and ways of working.


  • Avanti defined the ambition and time plan for the integration project. Facilitation of planning process with process owners and other key stakeholders from HR. Key components of the approach were:
    • Agreement of project definition with sponsor
    • Deep dives per process area
    • Consolidation of all detailed plans into one integration plan
    • Mapping of dependencies overlaps and impact on IT tools
    The implementation approach was agile/iterative, and the new processes were designed in parallel with the configuration of the new HR system. Avanti’s responsibilities in the project included:
    • Project management: responsibility for the time plan and project deliverables
    • Stakeholder management
    • Change management: communication and training


  1. One integration plan for all HR processes and tools
  2. Roles and responsibilities in place
  3. Global strategies designed and implemented
  4. SAP Success Factor modules for crucial HR processes implemented, including training of relevant staff
Strategy & Business Design
Operational Design & Implementation

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