Digital Enablement

Digitalization is a key priority and high up on of every managers’ agenda. Avanti supports our clients in realizing their strategy, operational improvements, and service designs from a digital perspective. We also support clients in full-fledged digital transformations and implementations of agile ways-of-working.

Setting a direction and ambition

Although we believe every company should embrace digitalization, what to focus on to create value is naturally very different from company to company. We help our clients identify the key pain points to increase value creation towards their own customers, define what the ambition should be and how the high-level roadmap can be.

Implementing new ways-of-working

Many companies have gotten far in implementating agile principles, whether at scale or not. At Avanti we can support clients in agile implementations for line business as well as driving change efforts.

Digital transformation

The way digital transformation should be done has reached certain maturity through the copious amount of research, reports and white papers as well as companies’ learnings from their own failures. The components in terms of technology, data and process need to be addressed simultaneously. We can support and/or fully drive digital transformation with benchmark methodologies together with client experts. We leverage our understanding of our client’s business and IT to create the best long-term results.

Digital Enablement


As your digital transformation strives, there will be unbalances and gaps that keep you from reaching full speed. The cause of it could be inappropriate governance, lack of resources, too many initiatives, low data maturity, unclear roles and responsibilities. We can conduct assessments and benchmarks to identify which pain points need to be addressed.

Requirements and system selections and implementations

Through our understanding of our client’s business and requirements we can support in vendor selections, gathering of business requirements on new system support as well as implementations. When deep knowledge of solution architecture or certain systems or technologies are needed we reach out to our network to support client’s needs

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