Management consulting

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Management consulting

Our services include Strategy & Business Design, Operational Design & Implementation, Service Design, and Digital Enablement. We typically support our clients throughout the project life cycle, from design to execution. Creating tangible and sustainable results through driving a client transformation end-to-end is the heart of our business. We believe that understanding execution will make us better strategy-, business-, operations-, and service designers. Likewise, by understanding aspects of design we will become better at driving executions.

Strategy Business Development

One core part of management consulting is to help organizations improve through strategic adjustments that lead to increased efficiency, revenue, or other profitability measures. To enable the strategic decision-making process, it is essential to conduct a well-executed analysis. The analysis could be related to, e.g., customers, market, financials, and technologies.

Digital Enablement

Implementing digital systems is one way of streamlining processes within an organization. When the strategic decision is to implement a new system, there is often a need to create a bridge between business and IT. This is a role the consultant can play while taking a digital approach and an agile way of working.

Operational Design And Change

In management consulting, the initial strategic guidance and decision-making are as important as the execution that realizes the change. A holistic view is crucial – from the strategy design to the execution journey. A good consultant offers services for supporting, implementing, and executing change, according to the suggested way forward.

Service Design

Services become increasingly essential for our customers from a revenue and customer satisfaction perspective. Customers could be external, internal as well as partners. We support our clients with business analysis, value proposition development, service blueprints, user-story mapping, and mapping of customer/employee journeys.