Operational Design & Change

Our offering Operational Design & Change addresses the various needs that arise when corporations want to make extensive changes to achieve significant impact. The most common situations are re-organizations, mergers & acquisitions, business transformations, or setting up a new operation through carve-out or a new market entry.

Have room to maneuver

These initiatives all have their own pre-requisites and objectives, and each case is unique. One thing they have in common is the extensive associated change effort, which is often underestimated. Our experience from multiple operational changes has taught us that it is impossible to foresee and plan for all events in advance. Instead, we have learnt to keep some flexibility and room to maneuver between changes in scope and objectives, new restrictions from external factors, and of course just plain  problems and crisis.

Not the same as agile

To a large extent this approach resembles an agile way of working with IT Development, with the difference that extensive business change efforts are usually difficult to divide up in MVP:s and features. It is often more of a “all or nothing” situation where the value is realized first when all pieces are in place.

Operational Design

Solving our clients’ problems

To complement our clients’ expertise within their own field, we have developed service offerings aimed specifically at supporting them with the design and execution of operational changes. This includes;

  • Target Operating Model
  • Organizational design
  • Process optimization
  • Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Agile Transformation Office
  • Program Management
  • Change Management
  • Benefit Tracking

Avanti can take the overall responsibility of driving the design, planning and execution of the change, in close collaboration with our client. Or we can deliver isolated parts of the initiative. We can also cover a broad functional scope or focus on a specific function such as Sales & Marketing, Finance, HR, or IT.

The first key to be successful in Operational Design & Change efforts is to start early, so don’t hesitate to contact us for an open discussion about your situation and plans!

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