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Excel your career at Avanti   

Our people are our most important assets. 

Our consultants combine strong generic consulting skills with solid functional and/or industry experience. They have strong track records from academia and business. Finally, they are likable and easily fit into our clients’ organizations.
Meet two of our consultants to get a flavor of who we are.

Meet Måns

What would you say is necessary to become a successful consultant at Avanti? 

I would say that it is necessary to have a curious mindset. We work towards industries that are constantly changing and our clients are facing all types of challenges. Hence, as a consultant at Avanti I feel that there is a strong need to always be perceptive towards new knowledge and information. As an individual, we at Avanti value humbleness and professionality – two qualities that I feel go hand-in-hand. 

What makes Avanti unique in the consultancy industry? 

Avanti is the smaller consultancy firm with an open mindset. Our colleagues provide top level consultancy services by bringing various backgrounds and competences together as one strong team. The prestige among the personnel is non-existing, and so are the barriers for knowledge-sharing. We succeed together and are constantly helping each other provide the best advisory services for our customers. 

As an individual, I really enjoy working in close-knit team where I as a person get a lot of responsibility and the opportunity to make a significant impact from day one. 

What make you enjoy the work as a consultant? 

The variety! As a consultant I get exposed to all types of topics that are shaping our clients’ businesses, which I find very stimulating. This creates a very steep learning curve, regardless of what project I’m working on. 


Meet Josefine

What made you apply to Avanti and work as a consultant?

My reasons for going into consulting was to broaden my industry experience, as well as take on a role where development and learning would be at centre. I enjoy working in projects, and thus consulting felt like a natural next step for me. In addition, I was looking to enter a smaller sized company with a culture that would fit me.

What does it mean to work as a consultant at Avanti?

In my view it is twofold, as a consultant at Avanti I have both an external and internal role. Externally, my current role is Project Manager at a large insurance company leading a long-term project. What I find especially motivating in the role is developing new relations with the client as well as focusing on problem solving. In parallel with this, I have several internal engagements, recently focused on recruitment.

What do you enjoy the most about being a consultant?

That you are constantly learning! Being a consultant requires you to adapt to the client’s challenges and adjust accordingly – great for learning and development.

How would you describe the working culture at Avanti?

I would describe it as humble, ambitious, and fun! It is a flat organisation which I enjoy.