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Together we make your business more successful.

Tangible and sustainable results

Our services include Strategy & Business Design, Operational Design & Implementation, Service Design, and Digital Enablement. We typically support our clients throughout the entire project life cycle, i.e., from design to execution. Creating tangible and sustainable results through driving a client transformation end-to-end is the heart of our business. At Avanti, we believe that execution understanding makes you a better designer of strategy, business, operations, and services. Likewise, by understanding aspects of design, we will become better at driving executions. 

Strategy & Business Design

Contact Person: Anders Sjörin

We support our clients in their analysis, decision-making, and selecting ways forward for crucial business issues. Examples include target screening of acquisition objects, development of business plans, and funding for start-ups. The analysis could be related to, e.g., customer/market, financials, technology.

 Digital Enablement

Contact Person: Klas Bjerkeby

Avanti supports our clients in realizing their new strategies, operations, and services from a digital perspective. The support includes, e.g., defining a digital strategy, making appropriate system selections, setting requirement definitions based on service design, and implementing SAFe/agile ways of working. In addition, we can also manage programs and drive system implementations on behalf of our clients. We leverage our understanding of our client’s business and IT to create the best long-term results. 

Service Design

Contact Person: Martin Hessle

Services become increasingly essential for our customers from a revenue and customer satisfaction perspective. Customers could be external, internal as well as partners. We support our clients with business analysis, value proposition development, service blueprints, user-story mapping, and mapping of customer/employee journeys. Blueprints, user-story mapping, as well as mapping of customer/employee journeys.

Operational Design & Implementation

Contact Person: Per Bergsman

Our operational design and implementation services are mostly related to post-merger integration or clients setting up a new operation through a carve-out or market entry project. We can support a wide range of services in the design and implementation including program management, change management, risk management, or benefit tracking. Avanti can cover a broader functional scope or focus on a specific function such as Sales & Marketing, Finance, HR, or IT.

Our industry experience

We believe an understanding of our clients’ industries is the key to bring exceptional value. It could, e.g., be an understanding of customer needs or regulatory issues. Avanti generally focuses on industries with subscription-based services such as banking, insurance, and telecom. These industries have also been affected heavily by digital disruption. Avanti has also started to serve other industries with challenges related to increased servicification and digitalization within, e.g., e-mobility.

Banking & Payments

Lending, savings & merchant banking as well as acquiring and issuing within payments

Contact Person: Martin Hessle

Telecom, Media & Technology

Telecom equipment manufacturers, technical services companies, telecom operators, media companies and software companies

Contact Person: Martin Pamrin


Life, health, and property & casualty insurance

Contact Person: Anders Sjörin

Servicification & Digital Disruption

Issues/challenges related to servicification and digital disruption in other industries: e-mobility, e-commerce, and 5G


Related to previous industries

We have gathered a few of our past projects