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Senior executives are constantly required to make business critical decisions to maintain competitiveness and ensure profitable growth. In addition, the fast moving business environment require regular strategy reviews, otherwise competition will quickly challenge your market position, effect revenue streams or lead to margin erosion. We have a long-track record of providing strategic advisory to both Nordic and international corporations. We deliver deep dive analyses, sustainable recommendations and winning strategies.

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Digital Strategy & Maturity Assessment


The starting point for your strategic work is the digital maturity assessment, which will provide you with an in-depth understanding of your current digital strengths and weaknesses, as well as your future potential. A well defined digital strategy will guide you where to invest, compete and which capabilities to capitalize on. Your digital strategy needs to go beyond the ‘activity list’ to a clear positioning in the areas of customer experience, process automation as well as how to collect and harvest value from data.

Digital Journey & Process Digitization


The Digital Journey is the ongoing transformation that shifts your entire organization to be digitally stronger and is the result of many coordinated change initiatives. Its incentive comes from the well-known dynamic: what led to today's success will not realize the vision of tomorrow. The organized journey often starts with a digitalization pilot where your capabilities are mobilized to reinvent a targeted digital experience for your customers or co-workers. It continues with scaling up of your digital capabilities; cross processes, channels and product areas. Avanti will support the digitalization of your processes and customer journeys by applying service design and agile development practices in order to deliver on relevance as well as speed.