Strategic Advisory

Senior executives are constantly required to make business critical decisions to maintain competitiveness and ensure profitable growth. In addition, the fast moving business environment require regular strategy reviews, otherwise competition will quickly challenge your market position, effect revenue streams or lead to margin erosion. We have a long-track record of providing strategic advisory to both Nordic and international corporations. We deliver deep dive analyses, sustainable recommendations and winning strategies.

Management Advisory

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Making the right decision is crucial for increasing business value. To decide what is best for the corporation, senior executives must have full knowledge of current business performance and market situation. To quickly get full knowledge of the current situation and the challenge at hand, we collaborate closely and vigorously with our clients. Our experience then makes it possible to quickly draw conclusions and make sustainable recommendations. We can then provide top management with information that enables them to make the right decision and take the necessary actions.

Strategic Services

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Having the right strategy is a must. In addition, the strategy must be translated into a clear road map to achieve a continued value growth. Avanti’s strategy experts help clients with their complex strategic challenges. We take responsibility for formulating corporate, business unit or market strategy. We also have deep experience of defining and running a corporation’s strategic planning process. No two client challenges are ever the same. All our strategy work is tailor-made to fit the client’s particular issue. We don’t do off the shelf solutions. Our clients deserve more.