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Evolving customer demands, technology and new regulations has created a business landscape more complex and fast-changing than ever. A solid corporate strategy is the foundation to survive.

What is the best practice corporate strategy?

Why, what, or how? Deliberate or emergent? Red or Blue Ocean Strategy? The topic of strategy is heavily debated, interpreted, and explained from a range of different views.

Even if we are familiar with the textbooks, models & tools, we at Avanti are above all concerned about providing tangible results for our customers. We make this happen by:

Formulating the ambition – having a distinct communication and a common view of business motives, goals, and the targeted direction lies at the core of future-proofing any business

Understanding the market position – creating awareness of competition, customers and internal capabilities alike is crucial to make the right decisions

Making the trade-offs – optimal resource allocation of both people and capital, as well as managing risk, is necessary to seize business opportunities in a competitive landscape

Aligning the business – corporate strategy gets its worth only when supported by the activities performed by the company

These aspects are all linked together by the need to be able to adapt to change. To achieve this, we understand that strategy cannot just be plans on a piece of paper – it needs to be embedded into the company culture. Therefore, Avanti always ensures strategy development is a collaborative effort that puts the people in focus.

If your view on corporate strategy matches ours, we would love to meet you for an initial dialogue!

Strategy and business development

How do we support our customers in Strategy & Business Development?

We support our clients in analysis, decision-making, and selecting the way forward in crucial business issues. Avanti has successfully advised C-level and executive boards across strategy topics, including

  • Business planning, Go-to-Market, and roadmap development
  • Planning, sourcing, and executing Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business modeling and innovation of processes, products, and organizations
  • Geographic expansions
  • Founding strategies and financing for start-ups

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