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We are passionate about creating sustainable and tangible results

Management consulting

We are a management consulting firm focusing on the Financial Services sector. This includes life, health and property & casualty insurance as well as retail and commercial banking. Our services include Strategy & Business Design, Operational Design & Implementation, Service Design, and Digital Enablement. We support our clients throughout the entire project life cycle, i.e., from design to execution. Creating tangible and sustainable results through driving a client transformation end-to-end is the heart of our business. At Avanti, we believe that execution understanding makes you a better designer of strategy, business, operations, and services. Likewise, by understanding aspects of design, we will become better at driving executions.

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Companies we have worked with

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Our Philosophy

Passionate about creating sustainable and tangible results

Forward and Ahead

Avanti is Italian for forward or ahead and reflects where we want our customers to be. We are passionate about creating sustainable and tangible results; this is how we do it:

  • Agile mindset: For us, agile is not only a framework but a state of mind. An ever-changing world requires equally dynamic professionals. We are constantly developing our delivery model to become even more agile. Additionally, most of our consultants are SAFe certified.
  • Sustainability: We need to contribute to a sustainable world beyond consulting within areas where we can impact. As a service company, this is primarily centered around the social environment and focuses on our consultants’ equality, diversity, and work-life balance over time. We are just beginning our journey to become more sustainable; there will be more to come.
  • Bringing the best people to our clients: Our consultants are Avanti’s most important asset. Recruit, retain and train will always be on the top of the agenda for us, which also will benefit our clients. Our consultants combine strong, generic consulting skills with solid functional and industry experience. They are likable and fit easily into our clients’ organizations. We are careful in the project staffing to ensure that we always fulfill our clients’ needs.
  • Create high-performing teams with our clients: At Avanti, we believe that working close to our clients creates better and more sustainable results. We are specialized in getting the best out of our client’s organization and at the same time bringing complimentary consulting skills related to strategy, design, and execution. Additionally, Avanti has a broad network of partners to complement our capabilities when needed.
  • Dare to simplify: Simplify for several reasons; customers need to understand products & services, employees need to enable increased automation, and effectively serve external and internal customers. At Avanti, we constantly challenge our clients to simplify their business, services, and systems.

Avanti is part of Newground Alliance

We are part of an alliance of independent niche consultancy experts with individual perspectives and offers, united by a shared belief in a new way of management consulting.

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