Our Delivery

Your Challenge, Our Priority

We bring clear thinking to the most complex issues facing top management. And we make it happen.

We work side by side with our clients to achieve successful project delivery. While our style is collaborative, we remain challenging and engaging with people as well as problems. We tailor each solution closely to the situation at hand. The solutions we develop are creative yet always practical and, above all, actionable.

We collaborate closely, openly and vigorously with our clients. Partly because mixed minds generate more powerful ideas. Partly because strong ownership is crucial to achieve sustainable results. And partly because we, and they, enjoy it!

Senior Teams

Avanti strongly believe that extensive functional and/or industrial experience really does matter. We are confident that our small senior team add significantly more value to the clients than traditional management consulting firms who still deliver with large teams mainly consisting of junior consultants.

Everything we do, we do full heartedly. We give our clients our full devotion to solve challenges and explore opportunities. In the end, we want our customers to be successful.

We are currently looking for Consultants, Managers and Senior Managers. Join us.

About Us

Trusted Business Partner

Avanti provides management consultancy services with focus on strategic services, performance improvements and delivery of complex business transformations. We are a trusted business partner to several large corporations.

Our consultants have previously worked at large Swedish or international consultancy firms. We have a more senior profile than the majority of our competitors, once again to become more relevant to our clients.

The Personal Consultancy Firm

Our aim is to be the senior management consultancy firm that is more personal than our competitors. Simply speaking, we are easier to work with and more likeable in the long run.

All our consultants are genuinely interested in people. This makes the client interaction much more successful. This is crucial for Avanti, since we want our clients to be satisfied with the whole working experience with Avanti. Not only with what we deliver.