Our Industry Expertise

Avanti have experience from most industries. We have deep industry experience within Bank, Insurance, Retail, Telecom and Industrial companies.

Within our core industries, we are able to offer extensive experience and knowledge.

Our expertise has been acquired through delivering challenging client projects across Europe. Our industry expertise, and of course, our passion to create the best solution and uncover opportunities, ensures value realization in our client’s businesses.

Our Client Base

Our client base mainly consists of leading Nordic and international corporations, but also includes midsize corporations and smaller privately held firms.

We normally work with senior executives and senior divisional or functional managers.



The telecom industry benefits from several trends such as a larger and larger population that is constantly online, the huge uptake in data volume driven by smartphones and tablets, and around the corner is the upcoming connectivity of things.

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The banking industry is increasingly more competitive leading to threats to banks profitability due to rising operational costs, increased customer expectations and fierce competition.

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The insurance industry is facing limited growth. Focus is on digitalization, regulatory compliance, governance and reporting. New players increase competition but the oligopoly is still controlling the competitive landscape.

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In general, the retail industry is experiencing limited growth. To still achieve growth your business needs to be more innovative than your competitors, attract consumers with new products or services, enter new markets, improve consumer profitability and explore new consumer touch points.

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The corporations in the industrial sector are encountering tough global competition with shorter product life-cycles, fierce price pressure and customers that put new demands and quickly can change to other suppliers.

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